Organisation Culture – Board members, ignore it at your peril!

Organisation Culture

In May, the Governance Institute hosted their annual, state based  “Governance & Risk Management Forum” and Deborah Wilson was invited to present on “Rebuilding Organisation Culture”. Despite the late hour and the nebulous nature of culture, Deborah engaged the audience with a fun and interactive session. Her goal was to convey the message that culture … Read more

Unretirement is about to become a trend – Part 2


In Part 1, I wrote about my perspective on unretirement. I also shared more about my personal story of working beyond 60 years old and not having any immediate plans to retire. Click here to read the article. In Part 2, I’m focusing more on the current state of play regarding the workforce and the average … Read more

Unretirement is about to become a trend – Part 1


Spoiler: Unretirement Is About To Become a Trend (If It Isn’t Already) — Part 1 ‘Unretirement’. It’s not a word that rolls off the tip of the tongue. However, I am convinced the business world is about to get more familiar with the term. In the spirit of embracing new technology, I typed ‘Define unretirement’ into ChatGPT (the … Read more

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