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The Greatest Piece of Advice I Can Give to Anyone is…

Stop waiting. “I want to do x in five years.” “I’ll focus on my big dream later when…” I hear these stories, or a slight variation of them, over and over again in my line of work. If you know what ...

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Common Mistakes When Making an Executive Career Move

For many senior players, formal job applications are a thing of the past, and reputation and relationships are more important than a standard CV. Naturally, as executives progress further in their ...

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Policies, Quotas And Targets - The Gender Equality Dilemma

Fellas, consider this your wake-up call! Over the last few weeks, I’ve had some really interesting conversations with men at a senior/executive level in the workforce. They each had one thing in co...

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How To Stay Healthy During Long Work Weeks

The majority of people I encounter are working longer and longer hours. More and more of them are also working multiple jobs, all while juggling their family life and commitments. If you’ve got a h...

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Why ‘Wealth’ Is Not A Dirty Word: Retirement And Your Career

When you’re nearing retirement age and considering what it may look like for you, talk about accumulating wealth and understanding your assets and liabilities can be scary! Trust me, I hear you. Bu...

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Our 7News Debut - The Un-Retired

We recently had our 7News debut, featuring the wonderful Deborah Wilson. Deborah told Steve Titmus from Seven Network, "They're at their peak of their career!" in Channel7's exclusive feature 'The ...

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Start-Up And Scale-Up Spotlight: Overcoming Hiring Challenges In The Tech Industry

I recently spent some time at QODE Brisbane, an event developed by the Queensland Government to showcase the state’s evolving tech and innovation space. As part of the Government’s strategy to crea...

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What Makes A Successful Team?

As businesses become more global, cross-functional and connected, teams are increasingly central to the success of organisations. But what makes a successful team? Besides the typical traits such a...

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The Rise Of The Professional In 2019 And Beyond!

17 jobs over five careers in a lifetime. This is the new norm according to a 2017 report released by the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) that was published in The Sydney Morning Herald. Now ...

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Executives For Hire: The New Norm In 2019?

Employers across vast swathes of the Australian economy have embraced the flexibility of the gig economy over recent years, as the ‘uberisation’ of the global workforce continues apace. The benefit...

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