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Take control of YOUR career in 2022.

The great resignation is creating opportunities and a buzz of excitement in the air around a new role and more $’s.  

I say STOP……look left, then right and most importantly hold up the mirror.  What is it you want to do when you grow up?  What truly motivates and demotivates you?  Where is your expertise?  The list of questions can go on.  

It is totally flattering to get a call, email or another job offer.  BUT, is it what you actually want to do or are you taking the easy option?  

This Fast Track Your Career Series will support you in working through what is important for you now and in the future.  Identify your strengths, motivators, achievements and career goals.  Each role we have should set us up for the next role.  We will also cover the market conditions and how to tap into networks with ease and confidence.    

If you are stuck, stagnating, stale or curious in your career, then you need to attend this Fast Track Your Career Series. 

Presented by OnTalent’s Head of Careers, Leadership Strategy, Development & HR Consulting, Deborah Wilson, this series will be over four consecutive Wednesdays.

Purchase one ticket for the entire series.

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Our four targeted career hubs will provide you with the information, structure and motivation you need to revisit your career goals and create a plan of action. We provide you with activities and opportunities for further reading and work in between hubs, plus access to a qualified career coach, as might be required, to help you along the way. 

On registering you will receive our Career Converser assessment tool to complete.  This will help you to identify your career values and will be linked to the program.

Career Hub Workshops

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Career Hub #1 - How did I get here?

Reflection can be a great trigger for our future.  Planning and a focus on our future career supports us so we create our own luck!  When our values and work are aligned we get greater enjoyment and it supports our confidence.  

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Career Hub #2 – Navigating My Options

Looking at the work I did in Hub #1 on me and then overlaying with the market conditions.  What skills and roles are: a) emerging b) hot right now.  How does this overlay with my current skills, future ambitions?  What are my options now?  What might I need to do more of to reach my goals.  What is my career vision?

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Career Hub #3 – Making an Impact

Don’t be beige!  You need to stand out in the crowd and own your achievements, your career to date – no matter the path you have taken.  Your personal brand is super important.  What does it say about you?  How will the market you know you are there.  Lets look at everything digital about you  such as LinkedIn, your resume, your social media profile.  Your narrative has to align with your vision for your future and you.   

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Career Hub #4 – Go to market

We are ready now!  Lets go to the market that we want to go to and in our timeframes.  A planned out approach that will be well executed!  Networking, applications, career decision making, or whatever your path is, is super important.  Most importantly your confidence will be strong as it should be – you are prepared!  

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