It’s a big statement, we know, but we succeed where others fail. We find you exceptional talent, by thinking differently – and it’s this approach that provides the foundation to our success.

Of all the decisions you can make as an Executive, none is more important or viable than decisions about talent. After all, no business, Government department or not-for-profit can ever do better than the people it has. The quality of talent management decisions largely determines whether the organisation's mission, values, objectives and potential can ever be realised.

We believe equally in art and technology

Whilst technology has transformed the way organisations find, analyse and engage with talent, we believe the real magic still happens offline. Technology cannot replace experience, informed intuition and depth of market knowledge. That is why, by combining cutting edge technology and the deep expertise of our knowledgable and highly engaging team of experts, we can ensure that you will benefit from both without ever losing the personal touch.

Our satisfaction guarantee

We partner with you rather than just acting as your service provider. For all permanent placements we provide a replacement guarantee that the employee placed by OnTalent will make long-lasting contributions to your company, or we will replace them with absolutely no charge for our services. Whilst the guarantee provides you with a level of comfort, the most comforting thing is that, in OnTalent’s history, it has only had to be activated in less than one percent of all of assignments.

Our employer commitment

As a trusted partner, we have gained a reputation for listening to our clients’ challenges, customising creative and practical solutions for their business needs – and delivering the right outcomes. This is no fluke – our delivery is firmly supported by our employer commitment:

  • We listen and we understand
  • We customise our approach to suit your specific needs
  • We communicate appropriately, constantly and consistently
  • We provide expertise and insight, bringing only the best talent to the table
  • We understand how and why they fit with your business
  • We will tell you what we can and can't do
  • We maintain your confidentiality and privacy at all times
  • We focus on long-term relationships and provide on-going support and advice to our clients
  • We recognise that each client is unique so every project we carry out is tailored to meet your individual needs
  • We believe that focusing on your people will bring you the best results in the medium and long term
  • We do not work with clients unless we believe in them as organisations.

Our industry & sector experience

Collectively, today our incredibly talented team of executive search recruiters has over 125 years of experience along with significant commercial management and leadership experience. This means we understand the challenges faced by executives first hand.

Whilst we are proud to have worked across so many industries and sectors, our prime focus is always on you, our client, the assignment and using the best strategy and tactics to ensure success.

It’s our market insight, prior recruitment success and understanding of our client’s business and culture – along with our expertise and capacity to identify true leadership, that drives the OnTalent experience.

We understand strategy and how critically important it is to have the right talent in place. We know that superior performance requires more than potential alone and that talent management decisions are critical, Executives who get them wrong don't just risk poor performance, they risk wasted potential. That's why our mission is to help support your strategic outcomes by surrounding you with the very best talent the market has to offer.

Our track record of delivering on challenging and sensitive projects speaks for itself, having successfully completed almost 100% of our retained search assignments since we launched in 2010.



Why Our Clients Love Us

Our clients love the fact that we always take the time to understand their needs, communicate and work professionally with individual treatment. We are so proud of the relationships we have developed with our client partners and we are always happy to provide detailed references or case studies on the successful projects we have completed with them. Due to the nature of the work we do, some of our clients must remain confidential, but here's what some of our clients have to say.



"Natasha had a brilliant understanding of what we needed to achieve to appoint a new CEO. Specifically the points of excellence were; 1) The shortlist was outstanding, all candidates could have performed the role, 2) The insight and advice provided by Natasha throughout the process, led to us involving her in the Board deliberations, where her advice was first rate. Also, most importantly for our brand and for OnTalent, she immediately and diplomatically managed all candidate discussions and feedback when they had not secured the role. I will be recommending OnTalent for further executive-level work with service standards like this."

Human Resources Department

Professional Services Firm

"The team at OnTalent – particularly Natasha – was integral in recently securing two new staff members. They grasped our company values and ethos easily and within two working days, they put forward some strong candidates of suitable cultural alignment. Natasha and the team are a real pleasure to deal with – they are professional and accessible recruitment managers, with a comprehensive follow up process.  We really appreciated the high-level service provided by OnTalent for staff recruitment."

Managing Director

Professional Services Firm

“Peter is one of the most efficient, hardworking and honest recruiters I have ever met. In the 16 years I have known him he has never failed to deliver a first class service on some very complex assignments.”

Human Resources Manager

Fast growth STEM organisation

"Peter has assisted me to find Engineers with rare backgrounds in Engineering. I moved to a new role and contacted Peter when he moved to OnTalent and he again found rare Engineers for the business. I find Peter to be one of the most dedicated and talented recruiters I have ever met in my 22 years in HR Management. He is detail minded, has amazing networks, keeps up to date on movements within the business community, particularly Engineers and always keeps his clients updated on the progress of roles. He is personable, reliable and has never let me down. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is searching for the best candidates in the market."  

Bill Delves CEO

South Bank Corporation

"Natasha is the consummate professional. She and her team at OnTalent have served me both as a client and as a candidate, being seamless from both perspectives. She brings a broad and pervasive network, a deep understanding of human behaviour and potential, and a strong ability to match skills and aspirations with opportunities. I would unreservedly recommend her."

Organisational Development Manager

Multi-National Industrial Services Client

"For the second year running we have used Deb Wilson from OnTalent for our 12-month Leadership Development  Program  (LDP).  Deb  managed  the  psychometric  assessments,  executive  coaching relationships,  and  facilitated  a  number  of  the  LDP  workshops  on  Managing  your  Career,  Customer Centricity  and  Strategic  Leadership. Deb  has  a  way  of  understanding  and  integrating  into  the company, and resonating with the leaders as though she works for us. Deb was able to tailor the program and each workshop specifically to our needs, even making last minute changes was not an issue. Deb’s flexibility and ability to adapt to any situation given to her makes working with her such a pleasure, and the process a lot less stressful!"

Executive General Manager


"In a very short period of time we had an outstanding candidate for a role that other agencies had failed to fill."

Chief Executive Officer


"OnTalent massively exceeded my expectations in listening to what we needed and converting that into not only a great brief but also a great ad." 

Chief Operating Officer

Peak Body

"OnTalent exceeded my expectations in listening to what we needed and converted that into a fantastic outcome. Natasha came up with refreshing and innovative ideas that really sets her apart from the rest. Thanks to her vivid approach, we now have an outstanding candidate for a role that was challenging to fill."


OnTalent Career Transition Program

"The support offered by the OnTalent team has been priceless. They’re always available and full of up-to-date knowledge. I don’t think I would have the same confidence without going through their program. I got the job I wanted after turning a few down. Usually I would have taken the first offer – but they gave me the confidence to set my own direction."

OH&S Consultant

Not for Profit

I have no hesitation in recommending OnTalent.  The expertise provided regarding development of resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles was extremely helpful.  What I also really gained from was the Zoom sessions from their team of professionals who have a genuine passion for their subjects.  The adaptability OnTalent demonstrated during COVID-19 was amazing.  To be able to join a call to talk about subjects such as the hidden job market, how to utilise our virtual network and how to interview with impact while adapting to the changing styles of interviews has provided me with skills that I can use in my current job search but also in the future.  Of equal benefit for me though was the opportunity to join a call with participants in a similar situation to me to discuss our resilience, budget and wellness during this time and to be provided with useful and practical tips that we can apply in our current situation.  If you haven’t ever thought of utilising these types of services, I’d recommend you give OnTalent a call to discuss what they can offer you.  There will be a benefit from doing so.

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