The Power Of Community & Support Networks


The Power Of Community & Support Networks

Who would be there for you if your role was made redundant today? It’s uncomfortable to consider, isn’t it?

Emotions often take over and individuals can go into a head spin, worried around financial implications, feelings of guilt, lack of self-worth, frustration and even taking on their partners anxieties. 

Part of our role as Career Coaches is to keep these individuals focussed, motivated and moving forward. However, another big part of our role, that is often overlooked, is including them into our community. People need other people and purpose. They also need to feel part of something and when in transition, individuals can feel lost as one of their biggest communities (work) and professional relationships have suddenly disappeared.

When you lose your job, it’s important to recognise that all is not lost. Your time in your previous role will have given you some valuable experiences and contacts, and it’s unfair on yourself to think that just because you’re no longer in that role, that they’ll forget about you. Your network is key to connecting with the ‘hidden job market’ and continuing to connect and engage with people throughout your job search will often open up new opportunities as more people see how you can help them with their needs.

At OnTalent our Career Transition programmes consist of face to face workshops in our head office and the availability to be involved via Skype for our interstate participants. We believe these workshops are invaluable for individuals to keep them motivated and being with others who are in a similar position. It becomes a new community and support network. The opportunity to share and learn from people who are experiencing the same things as you should never be underestimated. We all learn by being around others and sharing real-life stories. Subconsciously we pick up what to do and even what not to do.

We are passionate about bringing people together and enabling them to help themselves. Together in the group, you can hold one-another accountable and it’s motivating to see the people around you succeed too. The power of a community was highlighted to me in the following recent feedback from a career transition participant.

“Thank you so much for your guidance through this difficult time. I’m sure everyone else that I’ve met at OnTalent in the same position will agree that your agency is phenomenal. I’ve benefited so much from our meetings and the extremely valuable workshops -without knowing it you’ve probably helped so many people.”

This is what makes our job so rewarding, we get to be part of people’s support network.

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