We succeed where others fail

It’s a big statement, we know, but we succeed where others fail. We find you exceptional talent, by thinking differently – and it’s this approach that provides the foundation to our success.

Of all the decisions you can make as an Executive, none is more important or viable than decisions about talent. After all, no business, Government department or not-for-profit can ever do better than the people it has. The quality of talent management decisions largely determines whether the organisation’s mission, values, objectives and potential can ever be realised.

We believe equally in art & technology

Whilst technology has transformed the way organisations find, analyse and engage with talent, we believe the real magic still happens offline. Technology cannot replace experience, informed intuition and depth of market knowledge. That is why, by combining cutting edge technology and the deep expertise of our knowledgable and highly engaging team of experts, we can ensure that you will benefit from both without ever losing the personal touch.

Our satisfaction

We partner with you rather than just acting as your service provider. For all permanent placements we provide a replacement guarantee that the employee placed by OnTalent will make long-lasting contributions to your company, or we will replace them with absolutely no charge for our services. Whilst the guarantee provides you with a level of comfort, the most comforting thing is that, in OnTalent’s history, it has only had to be activated in less than one percent of all of assignments.

Our employer commitment

As a trusted partner, we have gained a reputation for listening to our clients’ challenges, customising creative and practical solutions for their business needs – and delivering the right outcomes. This is no fluke – our delivery is firmly supported by our employer commitment:

Our industry & sector experience

Collectively, our incredibly talented team of Executive and Specialist Recruiters and Careers, Leadership and HR Consultants bring extensive experience along with significant commercial management and leadership experience. This means we understand the challenges faced by executives first hand.

Whilst we are proud to have worked across so many industries and sectors, our prime focus is always on you, our client, the assignment, and using the best strategy and tactics to ensure success.

It’s our market insight, prior success, and understanding of our client’s business and culture – along with our expertise that drives the OnTalent experience.

We understand strategy and how critically important it is to have the right talent in place. We know that superior performance requires more than potential alone and that talent management decisions are critical, Executives who get them wrong don’t just risk poor performance, they risk wasted potential. That’s why our mission is to help support your strategic outcomes by surrounding you with the very best talent the market has to offer.

See how we can help.

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See how we can help.

Connect with us today

What the market is saying about us

Our clients love the fact that we always take the time to understand their needs, communicate and work professionally with individual treatment. We are so proud of the relationships we have developed with our client partners and we are always happy to provide detailed references or case studies on the successful projects we have completed with them. Due to the nature of the work we do, some of our clients must remain confidential, but here’s what some of our clients have to say.

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