How To Future Proof Your Career


How To Future Proof Your Career

In recent times, we’ve seen numerous instances involving organisations across various sectors announcing changes resulting in job losses for Australians. This month will see workers at the Holden factory in Adelaide packing their tools for the last time as Australian car manufacturing comes to an end, creating uncertainty for an estimated 900 workers. Of course, this is just one example of how times are changing.

The Reality is That the Job Market is Rapidly Changing and Evolving

This is taking place all around us, in-line with our economic and social environments. Our preparedness for our future has never been more critical – forewarned is forearmed, meaning you need to be taking adequate action now to ensure that you stay relevant throughout your career journey.

Ensuring Your Skills Are Relevant Now and Into the Future is a Must

The workforce will continue to change, which means you need to be discussing and considering your relevance in terms of the skills you have, your track record, the networks you can tap into if need be, your ability to adapt and your attitude towards learning. Each element is critical as your career journey progresses, and nothing shines a light on this more than when roles are reduced in organisations, making people redundant. Ideally you want to be one step ahead at all times, and not wait until your job security is gone to evaluate your career path.

You Are Responsible For Your Own Career, No One Else, and Technology is Game-Changing

This is incredibly empowering as it means you have the ability to take charge and ensure that you remain relevant. Most of us are aware of and are hearing a lot about artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, analytics and so on; but how many people understand or even consider how technology will impact the industry they currently work in? I do not mention the rise of the machines as a scare tactic – it’s essential people working across every industry think about the implications of technology in terms of their organisation and their career path, and act accordingly.

A couple of examples as to how technology could impact and has impacted different businesses immediately come to mind. Think about Uber and what driverless cars may mean for their business, and the people currently earning income as Uber drivers. Or what happened to the video rental industry and the likes of Blockbuster when video streaming became possible and accessible to most people.

Future-Proofing Yourself for Tomorrow’s Workplace Environment Has Never Been More Important

Everything around us is constantly changing and all workers need to be prepared for what’s ahead. Regardless of whether you’re currently working and would like to investigate your options, if you’re passively looking for a new role or if you’re in need of a job immediately, it’s wise to refocus your career, paying particular attention to what is critical moving forward. Have a good look at where you are going, where you’d like to be going and how you’re moving towards your goals or if you find that you are not moving forward, what you need to do from here. Ask yourself what skills you need to be adding now, who can help you to earn the qualifications you need and as always, seek support when it is required. Keep in mind that leadership skills are what we call soft skills and will hold you in good stead regardless of what career path you choose to pursue.

One of the most important investments you’ll ever make in life, is in yourself. Having relevant and current experience in your job and looking ahead towards roles 3, 5 or 10 years down the track, will help you to safeguard your career in the future. All while being great and continuing to love what you do!

By Deborah Wilson

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