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Having been through a number of tough times in my career including recessions, the GFC and the mining downturn there is no doubt we are in unchartered waters globally and we are all wondering what this will look like for us personally and our business – short, medium and  longer term.    

As leaders the focus is on leadership.  Keeping our teams up to date on the company position and policies; making decisions in the best interests of the business and its core purpose and people, re-evaluating the market and financial positions in the best interests of all stakeholders for the short and medium term, whilst keeping an eye on the ultimate vision and goals.  The challenges will vary for each organisation about their positioning, market share and business prospects but at the core are our people.   Remember it is not what you say that individuals remember it is how you say it

For many leaders it may be the first time you have led through a period of major disruption and you are feeling challenged and perhaps stressed and anxious yourself, or even afraid as you don’t have all the answers or experience to know how to charter the waters. This is normal and we need to ensure we are authentic and show concern whilst remaining calm…

But we can share, learn fast and adapt quickly.

As Brené Brown posted this week, “We are all in this together”.

OnTalent supports Leaders and organisations through the dynamic needs of a fast-changing world. We offer individual, team and organisation support including: 

  • Change and Resilience in 2020 – Team Programs –strategies to support you and your people
  • Mentoring and Coaching for Leaders – supporting leaders to navigate their focus on their leadership skills, to step up and have a voice. Our ecosystem of accredited coaches bring depth and experience in many industries, experiences and are renowned for their results
  • Career Transition/Outplacement – supporting organisations to manage their exiting employees with dignity and respect.  Working with those impacted employees to focus them on their future. If you would like a copy of OnTalent’s white paper on “Managing Redundancies with Dignity” click here
  • Interim & Project Talent – supporting capability and capacity gaps with Contract/ Interim and Project Talent.

Note all our programs can be run face to face, via webinars, or utilising online platforms skype or zoom and phone

Let’s remember to respect each individual.  Our leader role will be heightened again and again and will be on show for all.  Your legacy as a leader could be determined by your communication. What will you do?   How will you do it?  What is your message?

And importantly – let’s support local business and small business who are more vulnerable in such situations. Buy local has never been more important to support our economy.

Deborah Wilson is the Head of Careers, Leadership Development & Consulting at OnTalent. If you would like to have a confidential discussion about how we can support you and your business contact Deborah Wilson or any of the OnTalent team on 07 3305 5800. 

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