Commercial vs NFPs in 2022

Suzanne Grant


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Demand for talent in the Not-for-Profit executive and professional space is exceeding supply, driving salaries for some positions up by in some cases up to 20%. Not For Profits have been able to pay less than their commercial counterparts in the past, relying on a commitment to purpose. In this market, candidates are balancing their commitment to purpose with housing affordability, inflationary pressures on living expenses and a volume of potential opportunities.

It is a major challenge for non-profit leaders to pay attention to offering competitive salaries to fill critical positions in their organisations. This pressure of course is not happening in isolation and there is often no corresponding increase in funding sources and streams.

Another major trend evident in 2022 is a stronger emphasis on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion with many organisations identifying strategies for staff recruitment to mirror this priority throughout their organisation from Board composition, the executive leadership team, and the workforce more broadly.

The ongoing impact of COVID within the not-for-profit sector is driving responses from updating technology to embracing more flexible remote or hybrid arrangements for staff. The ability to think about where and how people work is an important prong in what is a multi-prong approach required in the response to providing an attractive workplace in a candidate competitive job market.

Burnout and dealing with staff shortages is taking a toll on many non-profit leaders and is a significant issue.

However, many in the sector are seeing growth and are optimistic about the opportunities for their organisations. Some see the opportunities presented by a change in the domestic political landscape as providing real potential for systemic change.

2022 is requiring non-profit leaders, more than ever before, to be aware of the competitive nature of the marketplace, to be open to considering how to engage, onboard and transition people from other sectors, the rise in salary demands and the changing nature of work. Working strategically and methodically through these issues enables the sector to better serve the users of services which is after all why we work in the for-purpose space.

Suzanne Grant is the Head of Social Enterprise at OnTalent. She specialises in executive search and recruitment and talent advisory across the not for profit, education, NGO, philanthropic and for purpose sectors. She welcomes connections and discussions for individuals and organisations regarding talent and career challenges. Call Suzanne on 0438 713335.

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