Sorry, You Are No Longer Needed


Sorry, You Are No Longer Needed

Sorry, you are no longer needed…

Your used-by date is up…

You are just plain redundant…

For any of us who have experienced the redundancy process you will relate to the surreal moment when you go to work as normal and you leave early, and suddenly realise that you won’t be walking through those doors again the next day. You lost your job.

This experience for me was a rollercoaster ride. Personally, I went through all of the emotions familiar to us from the Emotional Cycle of Change. Why me? It’s not fair! And the list goes on, as you can see below.

I now know this is very normal, but at the time I didn’t know why I felt such a mix of emotions. Some of us are more affected than others when confronted with redundancy, and that is why we should always be very careful how the news is delivered. The delivery can determine how quickly those leaving are able to move forward positively, and support during this time often leaves ex-employees with positive thoughts of their previous company.

In my role, I am the first person redundant employees often speak to following their conversation with their line manager or HR department. Having been through it myself, I totally understand the emotions some ex-employees are going through, and this has enabled me to help encourage them to start a program as I can see the experience helps immensely. 

My redundancy took me some time to get over but it gave me the opportunity to find a job I love where I feel that I make a difference. The fact I received an outplacement program enabled me to have support during this trying time, and it also left me with positive feelings about my previous employer. Having a good outplacement program in place will allow you to continue to have positive relationships with ex-employees, as well as reinforcing the relationship with your current employees, who will feel more secure in knowing their employer offers this. It’s simply another way to help your employees succeed, even if it’s not with your organisation.

By Deborah Saunders


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