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Recruiter : Ashleigh McMillan

Ashleigh joins the OnTalent team bringing over 13 years’ experience in recruitment and business management.Ashleigh focuses on continuing to expand OnTalent’s service offering with a specialised focus on the Corporate Services space across both private and public sectors.Intuitive, thorough, and passionate by nature, Ashleigh brings with her comprehensive knowledge of business operations, recognising that having the right people in the right roles is vital for an organisation’s success.Ashleigh prides herself on creating strong and long-lasting relationships based on trust and excellence. Connecting people and purpose is critical for any organisation and Ashleigh’s recognition that people have priorities that are fluid and ever-changing, often with an inherent need for meaningful work, drives her to create amazing experiences for clients and candidates.Ashleigh’s favourite career quote is by HR Consultant, Speaker and Author of The Seven Highly Effective Habits of Sourcing, Jim Stroud:“Be curious. Use data. Leverage imagination. Be an expert. Be an enthusiast. Be authentic. Know your competition.”

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