Fast Track Your Confidence


Fast Track Your Confidence

The Fast Track Your Confidence course shines a spotlight on how to mentally prepare ourselves for greatness.

Facilitated by Catherine Seton (Senior Client Partner – Careers, Leadership Development & Consulting), the Fast Track Your Confidence course shines a spotlight on how to mentally prepare ourselves for greatness. One of the main reasons we don’t fulfil our potential is due to our own mindset. We hinder ourselves through negative self talk and fear, or we allow ourselves to become set in our ways. In this program, we ask you to open your minds, explore and acknowledge what is holding you back, and then provide you with tools and tips for moving on and planning your roadmap to greatness.     

Webinar series dates are:

  • Tuesday 9 November, 12pm – 1pm (Brisbane time)
  • Tuesday 16 November, 12pm – 1pm (Brisbane time)
  • Tuesday 23 November, 12pm – 1pm (Brisbane time)
  • Tuesday 30 November, 12pm – 1pm (Brisbane time)

Purchasing one ticket will purchase the entire series. 

20% off bulk tickets of 5 or more in one transaction – enter promo code FTCBULK


We use Eventbrite to handle ticket registrations and Zoom Webinars for the events. Purchasing a ticket will then give you access to a Zoom Webinar link. You will need to register at this link to gain passcode and access to the webinars. Zoom will also send you calendar invites and reminder emails prior to each webinar.

Webinar 1 – Developing a Growth Mindset

In this module we learn about what it is to have a growth mindset v’s a fixed mindset. This is the cornerstone of the series, as developing a growth mindset is critical for changing the way you see yourself, perceive your experiences and change habits that may hold you back. Having a growth mindset is important, not only for preparing for and managing change, but also for increasing your levels of resilience and wellbeing. During this module we learn about mindset, where it comes from and the danger of having a fixed mindset. We also provide you with tips for developing your growth mindset through reprogramming your RAS, reframing your thoughts and changing habits. 

Webinar 2: Unpacking the Imposter Syndrome

In this module we look at one of the most common issues that leaders grapple with – the Imposter Syndrome. What is it, why does it happen, and what can we do to manage it? Identify which of the five different types of ‘imposter’ you feel you are, the typical symptoms and outcomes; and follow our top tips for managing it. We also do a deep dive into how to reframe your thinking – one of the most important growth mindset habits to develop to help with this potentially debilitating problem.

Webinar 3 – Building confidence

Developing and maintaining confidence is easier said than done. In this module we will explore the typical triggers that rattle our confidence, then help you to build it, fake it and own it. Identify and get to know your unique strengths and qualities; and practice some of the tools and tips for improving confidence in how you look, how you sound and how to develop your gravitas.

Webinar 4 – Brand Me Inc.

Treat yourself like a product. It’s all well and good to feel confident and know your stuff, but how do others perceive you? And do they even know you exist? Get on the front foot by articulating and developing your own personal brand and then communicate that brand strategically to others around you. Learn how to make a smashing first impression, set up your own personal Board, and take steps towards becoming the person you want to be.

No refunds available. If you are unable to attend, you will receive all materials and a link to the recorded webinar to access for up to 7 days.


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